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Design Team

Mauva Gacitua, Owner | Creative Director and CEO of Gacitua Bridal is also a Costume Designer/Wardrobe Stylist whose recent work has been with the production of the Stage Play “Three On A Ring”.  It is while working on “Three On A Ring” that the idea to create a Bridal Gown line was born.  Mauva designed a bridal gown for the Lead Actress in the play that was widely appreciated, complimented and gleefully received by the Actress, the Cast, and the Audience, so much so, that when the opportunity arose to be featured as a Bridal Gown Designer in Michigan, she jumped at the opportunity.  Mauva's passion for and keen sense of fashion began at an early age, early teens, but this career was never really pondered as a possibility due to other financially practical career choices. Her official introduction to the fashion world started in Toronto, Canada where she displayed her distinctive talent as a model making her mark on the catwalk. Mauva's desire to make her own mark in fashion had her spending hours browsing at Holt Renfrew in Toronto researching ways to hone the designer-made effect, reveling and appreciating Oscar de la Renta and all things Christian Lacroix and his genius appreciation of a color palette.  She further expanded her talent by joining an accessory distribution firm, spending countless hours at the Jewelry Exchange—her love for exquisite and bold jewelry pieces was born.  A constant thirst for knowledge led Mauva to move to New York, reliving each fashion Week presentation via television further fueling her fashion dreams.  These dreams later led her to Los Angeles where she has honed her craft and now boasts an impressive wardrobe/styling knowledge in clothing, shoes, handbags and fine jewelry.


She has combined instinct with experience, and demonstrates a great understanding of fit, cut, symmetry and has collaborated with designers on their clothing lines and showings.  She has styled actresses, produced Fashion Events and styled/produced photo shoots for music videos, magazines and has been credited with print work in Melrose Heights Magazine, Trade Secret and The Providence Journal. Her undertaking of Costume Designer for "Nat Turner: Following Faith", a 19th Century period play by Paula Neiman, which world premiered in Los Angeles in 2015 under the direction of Dan Martin, garnered raved reviews was instrumental in her transformation to becoming a Bridal Wear Designer because despite the story being grim, sad and rather heavy of racial controversy and brutality, the fact that it was a period play, inspired and brought the era of beautiful period fashion, elegant gowns into focus and have influenced these two lines she's now created.    Mauva is currently Wardrobe/Costume Designer on "The Story", a series in development.  It is a modern drama with current and the recent decade's fashion employed, which is another influence on the lines.


Starr has always been obsessed with fashion.  As a five-year-old, she would design dresses for her dolls made out of foil and paper towels.  Some of the designs were so good, so much so that Mauva had her seamstress make a couple of the designs.  They are still in Mauva's possession today.  Starr is an accomplished Artist/Painter and as she'd done in designing for her dolls, she continued to study and grow her art knowledge/skills through college.  She was overjoyed to have the opportunity to join the design team of Gacitua Bridal as it's brought her back to her childhood dreams of being a Designer.   The company also has a Design Consultant, Gloria Spring who has an ultra-elegant eye for design and fashion and we've now added Kameisha Johnson to the Design Team and she comes bearing Fashion Design experience having created her own line under the label Dushan in 2010.  She's an accomplished Artist/Illustrator having studied Architecture while in college.  She has a take on fashion that is reminiscent of Rachael Welch ready for a ball--curves fully accentuated and appreciated.


This fashionable team has fashion, art and design embedded deeply within and are ready to bring this business to the epitome of excellence in fashion. 

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