The Timeless Collection

M. GACITUA - Three Sister Lace Tiered Gown

Vintage Inspired with Modern Twists...White Satin with Ivory Embroidered Lace - $1,695.00

M. GACITUA - The Palos Verdes Peninsula

Modern One Shoulder, Mermaid Gown. Intro Presentation in Striped Off-White, Now available in White Satin with Faux Diamond Embroidered Neckline and Shoulder - Discontinued in this Striped  Off white Material  -  See White Satin Pictured - $1,500.00

GACITUA - The Caped Coat Dress

Modern Caped Dress  - Buttoned Front  - Pockets and Belted -  White Satin - $325.00

GACITUA - Coat Dress - Trench Coat Back

Modern Trench Coat Back Dress  - Buttoned Front  - Pockets and Belted  White Satin - $275.00

GACITUA - Long Sleeves, Sequin, Organza Chest/Neckline Keyhole Dress

Slinky Sequin Chiffon with Organza -  Off-White - $265.00

GACITUA - Glowhite 

White Satin, Banded Sleeves, Strapless Gown covered in White Floral Lace   $675.00

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