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Company Overview

Gacitua Bridal is a Bridal Gown Design House operating in Los Angeles.  The House has two labels under its umbrella, GACITUA, and M. GACITUA.  GACITUA features elegant yet contemporary and moderately priced designs and M. GACITUA features more elegant designs, higher quality materials, leading to a higher price point.  The idea behind the two labels under one umbrella is to include the female population at large.  We want women of all financial ilk to be drawn to and wear our designs. Every woman should look elegant, beautiful and graceful on one of the most important days in her life, whether it be her wedding day or another special engagement.  With this in mind, the woman who can afford the more luxurious designs should have easy access to them and the fashionable yet budget-conscious woman should get her chance of looking glamorous as well.  By incorporating this inclusive mantra in Gacitua Bridal, we feel we are giving the gift of Bridal Fashion that is undeniably tasteful to women everywhere who desire it and who choose us to dress them.

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